Monday, June 6, 2011

20 Years And Counting

Leadersearch celebrated our 20th anniversary this year. Passing the 20-year mark for anything usually qualifies for some type of accolade. For us, it passed with mostly a business as usual theme.  Dinner with family sufficed as opportunity to pause and reflect on our 20 years in the leadership and people development business.  Then we were back at it taking a few precious moments to consider what the next 20 years might look like.
After ongoing moments of reflection regarding the possibility of another 20 years in this business I have to say that in some ways the thought felt quite daunting. I have been in the coaching business for over 28 years and consider this work to be a noble calling.  And the thought of another 20+years gave me both shivers of excitement as well as trepidation.  Do I really hope to be doing this work for 20 more years!?  The first response is an unqualified absolutely! This work we do is life and world changing work. As long as clients continue to see my contribution as valuable I expect to carry on. I sometimes picture myself sitting in a rocking chair dispensing wisdom and powerful questions that provokes our clients into their own best thinking and action.  And maybe they will forgive my occasional nodding off as I rock thoughtfully back and forth in the comfortable rocking chair.
I do know that I would not have dreams of 20 more years if I were doing the same coaching work that I started with way back in 1983. The coaching profession has evolved over all those years and my work has transformed and changed over those same years.