Saturday, February 2, 2013

Do You Whistle While You Work?

Watching Snow White with my granddaughter this morning I was reacquainted with the Seven Dwarfs signing the Whistle While You Work song. The fairy tale of the princess and prince seemed to keep Reese engrossed while I found myself wandering off to thoughts of many of the leaders and executives that our company coaches. I reached over to the shelf next to me and pulled out a report I had printed related to happiness at work.
The study found that 65 percent of those surveyed, including employees of all ages and generations, would choose a new boss over a pay raise. The study also found:
   Only 36% reported being happy at their job
·      65% said a better boss would make them happy leaving 35% that chose a pay raise
·      Almost 60% said they would do a better job if they got along better with their boss
Happiness at work may be as much a fairy tale as Snow White. Considering how much time most North Americans spend at work I am reassured that our work at developing leaders will have a long shelf life.